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اسامی شرکتها و مراکز آموزشی و تحقیقاتی نانوتکنولوژی در ایران




اندیشگاه نانوسیلور



Pishgaman Nano Arya

 Address: 1st Floor - No.10 - PISHVA Ave. - KHAZENI Ave. - North, ESKANDARI Ave. - AZADI Ave.
Phone : +982166566274
Fax : +982166905896
Number of employees : Between 11 and 50
Description :

we are the company active in produce nano products in the field of petrochemistry.

PISHGAMAN NANO Aria company on 13th of May 2006 was certified in the registration office of all firms and industrial ownership with the number 269720 and commenced its activity with the goal of production, import and export of all NANO-products in the field of petrochemistry and investment in such nano projects in order to expand this activity mostly in Iran and the whole world The final goal of the company is to establish a center for developing technology to be the spearhead in NANO-technology and sustaining that in Iran.

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC)

Address: P.O.Box : 18745-4163, Pazhooheshgah Bulevard, Khairabad Junction, Old Qom Road
Phone : +98 (21) 559010 21/51
Fax : +98 (21) 66 15 33 97
Number of employees : Between 101 and 250
Description :

The Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC) of RIPI was established in 2006 after five years of activity as nanotechnolgy committee. The center provides a framework to ensure the RIPI leadership in nanotechnology that will be essential to improve the petroleum industry. The center's research focus is on carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites, nanocatalysts, nanoparticles, nanocoatings and their applications in the petroleum industry.

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) is a leading research organization engaged in a wide range of research activities as well as providing laboratory, technical and consultancy services to many industries including oil, gas and petrochemicals.
Since its formation in 1959, RIPI has developed into a large organization utilizing the services of over 700 scientists, engineers and technicians. The institute has established a reputation for technical excellence and is dedicated to helping its clients enhance the value of their existing assets. RIPI’s main goal is to maintain and improve its position as the pioneering R & D organization in Iran's oil industry. It also prides itself with providing the industry with services to maximize profits. RIPI identifies the bottlenecks and helps implement and sustain value enhancing solutions for long term profit improvement.

Nanopac persia

Address: No. 401, Mojtama Gasre Noor, Sheikhbahai Avenue

Phone : 0311 2240025
Fax : 0311 2240026
Description :

Nanopac Persia’s mission is to become the market leader in middle east and centre of Asia for nano photo-catalyst coating solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications within our target markets, by selling unique products that exhibit antibacterial, antifungal, UV protection, and self cleaning properties.

Nanopac Persia is an engineering company that was incorporated in March 2006.Nanopac manufactures, produces,markets and distribute a comprehensive range of treatment solutions that are based on the latest achievement in the field of nano technology.We are member of an international organization with distribution outlets in USA, Europe and SE Asia,NE Asia and middle east.

Nanopac has a comprehensive range of patented solutions that are scientifically proven to create cleaner and safer indoor and outdoor environments.These smart coating solutions, are environmentally friendly, and activate when exposed to light. They actively remove toxins, bacteria, fungi and bad odors.
Our solutions significantly improve indoor air quality, which is the cause of many breathing and health related problems. With the long lasting and self cleaning properties of our Nanotechnology solutions, customers will experience real cost savings, significant health and safety benefits.

Our product range is targeted to:

* Commercial and Residential Cleaning Industry
* Air-conditioning, Filter and Home Appliances Manufacturers
* Automotive Industry

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute ( IPPI )

Address: Pazhoohesh Blvd., Km 17, Tehran-Karaj Hwy
Zip: 1497713115
Phone : +98 21 44580000

Fax : +98 21 44580021-23
Description :

IPPI with more than 110 highly trained staff at Ph.D. and Master degrees level worked in 14 research departments which include: Rubber, Plastic, Composite and adhesives, polyurethane, fibers and nano-polymers, Paint, Adhesive & Resin, Novel Drug Delivery System, Polymer Science, Polymeric biomaterials, process modeling and control, polymerization engineering, polymerization catalyst, gas conversion, engineering design and construction ,petrochemical synthesis .

Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) was established in 1986 with the aim of carrying out basic and applied research in polymer science and technology. Helping local industry in polymeric fields, training engineering students at post graduate level and collaboration with other scientific and research centers of both inside and outside of the country are the other goals of this institute.

Stem Cell Technology Company

Address: No. 7 - 3rd alley - Sanaei St. - Karimkhan bridge - the north
Phone : +98 - 21 - 88861065-7
Fax : +98 - 21 - 88828746
Description :

Stem Cell Technology Company, the first Iranian private center on tissue engineering has been established since 2004. Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Research Team is one of the major teams in Stem Cell Technology Company. Designing, fabrication, modification, and characterization of materials for medical applications are the main goals of the team.

Though the main focus of the present time is on research projects, development of clinical products for the regeneration of damaged or diseased tissues is the long-term objective of this center. Tissue engineering as a multidisciplinary field integrates the concepts of the life sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and engineering, with surgical techniques, and requires close interaction between specialists in different fields. To this end, top researchers in different fields including basic sciences, medicine, and engineering have been employed. Developing modern technologies especially Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, and Stem Cell Biology, there have been attempts to improve in this field and be quite independent of high tech countries.At this time, four research teams including Biomaterials and Nanotechnology, Stem Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Surgery, are cooperating in this center for the recent research projects.

Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences

Address: No. 177, Shahid Lavasani St. (Farmanieh)

Phone : +98 21 2283 5061

Fax : +98 21 2283 5058
Description :

The approval of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, the Department, the first of its kind in Iran, was set up in March 2003 in a brand new building to concentrate the research on all aspects of computational nano-science, and to help promote the fields of nano-science and nano-technology across the country.

The Computational Physical Sciences Research Laboratory at the Department , equipped with advanced computational facilities, allows our scientists to be involved in all aspects of computational modeling at nano-scale. The Department covers basic and applied research in major field s of hard and soft nano-scale science via computational modeling and numerical simulations. PhD and Post-doctoral level positions are available at the Department for suitably qualified candidates, the details of which can be found in our web sites. In addition to conducting research, the Department will provide advice and expertise to other research and university institutions in Iran that intend to introduce nano-science as an independent field into their activities.


Address: Appartment unit 2, No. 93, Taherkhani st., Farahzadi Blvd, Shahrak-e Gharb
Zip: 19816-33339
Phone : (+98) 21 2206 55 44
Fax : (+98) 21 2207 05 10
Number of employees : Between 1 and 10
Description :

The major domain we are focusing on is coatings that contain nano structure materials.
At first, we have investigated the usage and appliance of these materials in domestic industries, and then have searched the ways of preparing suitable markets for them in Iran. Now, we are speaking with the best foreign nano technical companies for getting their delegations of sales and commercial services in nano technology field.

The Nanofan company has been established with the goal of presenting technical and commercial services.
Developing the competitive atmosphere and applying nano products have been our other aims.
It has been tried to identify efficient products in nanotechnology field. Young, educated and creative people from various sciences and engineering fields are accompanying us in this way.
These are some of our main goals of establishing the company:
-Identification of high quality nano products that include universal standards.
-Adapting these products to the industry and society demands.
-And, trying to import them to markets of Iran.

Nanocid Pars Nano Nasb

Address: Apt 13,NO10, Shekarabie Alley, Shariati Motahari cross
Zip: 15676/14678
Phone : (+98) 21- 88415490 - 88408064 - 88403036
Fax : (+98) 21 -88415490
Foundation date : 2006-03-15
CEO/ President : Jafar rahmannia
Description :

Producer of silver nanoparticles with antimicrobial properties for the global health market.

Pars Nano Nasb, Research Department of Iran Nasb Niroo Co. have been established since spring 2002. Since world wide Nanotechnology tendency is growing fast this company is making the effort to follow up the Nano Tech. advances. Then Pars Nano Nasb Co. have patented 3 inventions according to Nanotechnology and have been started manufacturing NanoCid products categorized in 3 groups P, L & G. Those products are Nano Silver in colloidal and powder forms. NanoCid is producing based on our research and efforts in nanotechnology and Silver antimicrobial efficiency with the aim of global health.

Arya Nano Fan

Address: Uni 12 North, No16, 18th Alley, Shahraknaft, Ashrafi Exp'Way
Description :

Arya Nano Fan has been established in Iran, aiming to give consulting services and supplying and distributing Nano-tech Products in the Middle East.

Considering the potentialities of the region, we mainly focus our attention and activities on the fields of Medical Affairs and Coatings and Surface Protection.

Enjoying a young, educated staff, Arya Nano Fan is become a reliable powerful team able to give consulting services to the companies and factories of the region.

We have also started to supply preliminary materials and importing Nano-tech Products according to the requirements and needs of the area.

Iran Nanoshop

Address: No.6,Mohiti Alley, Zahedgilani Ave. Zahedgilani St.
Zip: 1711983493
Phone : +98 912 537 1667
Foundation date : 2005-04
Number of employees : Not specified
Description :

Consumer Nano shop center in Iran and middle East.

Nano Industry Think Tank (NITT)

Address: No. 39 Nurian St. Pasdaran
Zip: 1953765733
Foundation date : 2005-02
CEO/ President : Mr. Mojtaba Mesgari Mashhadi
Number of employees : Between 1 and 10
Description :

To raise awareness of the issues presented by nanotechnology in the fields of Policy and Decision Making.

NITT is a center which develops and publishes policy proposals as part of its mission to influence decisions within four inter-related strands: industry sections; government; investors; and society. Its aim is to understand the dynamic processes at work within its areas of study.

Greennanotechnology Co.Ltd

Address: No 12 Tarbiat Modares University Science & Technology Park ,Jalal-Al-Ahmad Exp. way
Foundation date : 2004
Number of employees : Not specified
Description :

Green nanotechnology works in nanobiosensor and nanobiomaterial for military and biochip applications.

Founders Mohsen Molaienasab& Ebrahim Mohaghegh Torbati established Green NanoTEchnology in November 2004 to design, develop, manufacture, & market innovative products based on Nanotechnology.Originally created as a way to transfer and commercialize Nanotechnology from the leading edge work of its co-founders at The University of Tarbiat Modarres , privately-held Greennanotechnology has focused on developing its core technology, the Biomaterials , and the associated technologies required for the production of MEMS-based products since its inception.

As its technology has matured, Greennanotechnology has leveraged its investment by pursuing products in four distinct areas in life and applied sciences. Greennanotechnology is now in the first stages of developing specific products for market launch and is preparing to finalize its initial product designs and begin to generate product-based revenues in addition to its MEMS Foundry Services revenues.


Number of employees : Not specified
Description :

Nanotechnology policy studies committee

University of Kashan : NanoScience and Technology center

Address: Km 6 Ravand Road
Zip: 87317-51167
Phone : +98 361 5555 333
Fax : +98 361 5552 930
Foundation date : 1974
Number of employees : Not specified
Description :

NanoScience and Technology center of the university of kashan was established in 2001 for promotion of nano scale science and technology researches in Iran. This center consists of two main parts namely theroretical studies as well as experimental studies branches. The activity of the center contains all related topics to the nanometric researches upon nanostructures.

Founded in 1974, the Universiy of Kashan is the oldest institution of higher education in Kashan. At the time of its foundation, only undergraduate courses in Physics and Mathematics were offered. The current activities of the university are classified into four sections of education, research, development, and side activities. In educational section over 4500 students are studying in about 50 undergraduate and graduate fields.



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